I grew up with sisters, sharing makeup, jewelry, the bathroom mirror, chores, and occasional mischief. We were sometimes contentious and sometimes allies. Family is complicated. As life stages evolved and, college, careers and relationships led us down our own paths, we always knew we had this connection. Those early shared experiences gave us common ground. Even though our life paths may not intersect frequently now, we easily reconnect simply by making time to talk.

Similarly, Conversation Circles provide a framework to establish common ground with others around an area of interest. Setting aside a specific time to gather and talk through our experiences or expertise on a specific topic enables us to share our thoughts and hearts as well as encourage and inspire others in their life paths. Conversation Circles are facilitations, not a presentation or a seminar, and experts in the field are encouraged to be a part of the conversation, to engage and contribute. Each participant engages at his or her own comfort level.

In April, I am offering the first Conversation Circle and inviting you to discuss “The Sandwich Generation.” Be looking for an upcoming Conversation Circle Eventbrite invitation. Hope you can join us!

— Suzanne Burrell, CFP®