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Heidi Henson

Heidi Henson

Administrative Assistant for Sam Simpson, CFP®

Heidi is the administrative assistant for Samuel D. Simpson, CFP®.  She is a Native Texan, growing up in a suburb outside of Houston.  Heidi took an interest in competitive shooting at a young age.  She progressed into high power rifles and had the opportunity to try out for the Georgia State High Power Rifle team where her dad lived.  She made the team and spent the rest of her high school days in Macon, Ga and traveling the U.S. to compete.

Upon graduation, Heidi decided she wanted to be one of the few, one of the proud and she joined the United States Marine Corps in 2003, breaking tradition from her family’s lifelong history of joining the United States Army.  Heidi spent 5 years with the Marines in California and was Honorably Discharged in 2007.  She took a 1-year vacation in San Diego before making any life-changing decisions.

In 2008 she began attending a local community college and was heavily involved in their Veteran’s organization which worked directly with the community and the community’s homeless veterans. In 2010 she moved on to Alliant International University in San Diego, focusing on a business management degree which was completed in 2013 where she earned her Bachelors of Science.

In 2010 she decided to join the Army Reserves; she served two years with her local unit working as a finance clerk.  While working for the Army, she met someone who wanted her to work for them at LPL Financial.  She interviewed for a Cost Basis position and was hired in 2011.  After a year she re-applied for a customer service position where she was on a dedicated team, aka, Service 360.  This team of 15 supported 12 banks and their respective advisors and advisor’s assistants, providing one on one and personalized service to support the bank’s needs.  A year later she began working as an administrative assistant for the Senior Vice President of Business Operations who directly supported the President of LPL Financial.  A year after that she applied to work for the Executive Vice President (EVP) of Investment & Planning Solutions team and was hired. While directly supporting the EVP she also supported two Senior Vice Presidents and two Vice Presidents who reported to her EVP.  This department was dedicated to high net worth clients, advisors, and alternative investment companies and opportunities.

Towards the end of 2015, Heidi relocated to Texas after being away from her beloved state for fifteen years as her husband was hired on the spot during a SpaceX interview.  Six months after being a bored stay at home wife, Heidi started looking for work as a financial advisor’s administrative assistant as she knew she really wanted to work with an advisor one on one after working at a broker/dealer; she knew she had valuable knowledge and experience and wanted to offer that to a local advisor.  By divine intervention, she was introduced to Samuel D. Simpson, CFP® and knew she wanted to work for a company like his and a man of his moral character.  Heidi has been working closely by Sam’s side since March 2016 and plans to grow with him and their business.

Heidi enjoys hiking with her family, going out dancing with her husband, going on river trips, camping, cooking, watching the New England Patriots every season, traveling, volunteering in her community during the holidays, spending time with her kids, exercising, visiting her mom, three brothers and her sister who all live near Houston, and she is always looking for new first time adventures to experience with her husband.

Heidi is married to Levi Henson; he is a 10 year Navy veteran and is currently a Lead GSE Technician at SpaceX, he enjoys riding his motorcycle and woodworking.  He hopes to go to Mars one day but Heidi has other plans for them.  They have been together for 7 years and married for 3.  They have two children, Joshua J. Ferrara, 11 and Micheal T. Henson, 7.  Joshua is an aspiring NFL player who commits every moment of his free time to conditioning, learning plays/strategies, studying other teams or is just outside playing the game.  Micheal would rather be inside playing Pokémon, video games or playing Nerf gun wars with Joshua. Their family has 2 dogs: Loki, an Alaskan Malamute (he definitely lives up to his name) and a Belgian Malinois/Wolf mix, Duke (who also lives up to his name, for a dog he has a VERY noble attitude and Loki knows that Duke is the ruler over all their land).  They also have a cat, Beyla, a Norwegian Forest Cat who is more like a dog than a cat and enjoys indulging on anything left out on the kitchen counters such as tomatoes, avocados, bananas, tortillas or anything else you forgot to put away.