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At Capital Square, we are a fee-only based investment adviser that focuses on one thing: you. As a Registered Investment Adviser and fiduciary, we must place our clients’ best interest before our own-and proud to do so. Unlike broker-dealer firms, we don’t push products, such as mutual funds or annuities. We push progress. Since no client is the same, we customize an investment portfolio that matches your financial needs and future. We plan for longevity in your life, and the unexpected life events that occur. Our success is built on our clients’ financial success. Come and discover the difference at Capital Square.

What We Do


Understanding where you are in your financial life cycle, we are able to build the right investment portfolio to provide appropriate risk, sufficient income, and growth.


We build a custom portfolio from the bottom up. Over time, some of your investment portfolios may drift away from the initial allocation. So we reallocate your investment portfolio to help meet your financial goals. 


Many times over the last 25 years, we have seen companies come and go, but the financial market continues to reward clients that stay the course.

Who We Are

Capital Square, LLC

While our founding was in January 2017, the roots of this wealth management firm run deep and wide as the mighty oceans of the world.  With a conservative objective to be the premier wealth management firm in the South for clients and for advisers, our individual approach to managing client assets provides the flexibility to design individual portfolios for any client anywhere.  Our professional investment advisors provide the comfort affluent clients need when stressful market conditions arise. With financial offices in Chattanooga-TN, Gainesville-GA, Little Rock-AR, Waco-TX, and Fairhope-AL, we are continuing to grow stronger to provide you with the best wealth management strategies.

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